When Your Project Calls for Specialty Paint or Specialty Finishes… Call True Colors.

Does your project involve specialty paint or specialty finishes to create something unique?

If you have a creative vision that goes beyond mere paint or stain, we can transform your spaces in ways that traditional paint color cannot.

Go beyond the ordinary with our specialty paints and restoration services!

What Our Specialty Painters Can Do

Using our creative talent with an artistic flair, we apply unique techniques to achieve several types of effects.

Examples include creating:

  • Simulating rusted steel
  • Restoring wood furniture
  • Refinishing grand entry doors
  • Distressing wood beams
  • Creating burnt wood enhancements
  • Plus other creative techniques

The services we deliver are nothing less than breathtaking!

We create the project in a timely fashion to create an authentic historic and/or creative vision to suit your environment.

Some of the effects we can accomplish include:

  • Antiquing- to make the new look old
  • Distressing
  • Faux finishes
  • Restoring natural wood
  • Decorative finishes:
    • Plasters, including Italian style
    • Lustrous glazes
    • Tinting products and clear coats
    • Various other special effects

Let us know if you have a particular vision for your project that needs a creative solution. We like the challenge!


Restoration Services

We combine a strong background in artisanal construction methods with modern conservation techniques. Our goal is to preserve the historic and artistic integrity of both period and contemporary pieces.

Whether it’s restoring original architectural flourishes or creating a similar look with modern materials, True Colors offers masterful work in specialty paints and finishes.