Considering Deck Painters? Let True Colors Add True Beauty to Your Deck.

As deck painters, we know that your deck can be a beautiful asset to your outdoor living.

Untreated, decks will naturally turn gray. In some cases, this may be the preferred look for a particular outdoor space.

In other cases, a rich color can add distinct luxury to your outdoor entertaining.

Unlike house paint, decks require regular maintenance to keep their beauty.

House paint usually lasts 10-12 years (more or less, depending on exposure and light or dark colors), whereas deck stains will only last 2-4 years because of direct exposure to weather, foot traffic and opacity of the stain.

When considering staining your old deck, we examine the existing structure to see if the wood is in good condition, or if it needs repair or replacement.

Old decks are often pitted and worn, with nails or screws protruding throughout the surface.

Beyond Most Deck Painting Companies

We go beyond most deck painting companies. We set, recess or replace nails and screws. Then, using a floor sander, we sand and resurface the entire deck floor to give it the smoothest surface possible.

We then treat the wood with a chemical brightener to restore the original color. We never spray stain on decks. The stain application consists of meticulous brush work to ensure every deck board is perfectly coated.

New decks are sanded for removal of mill glaze before applying any deck stains.

Specific products and particular conditions are discussed to give you a full understanding on how weather conditions, foot traffic and other variables can affect your decks.

Different wood species may require specific attention. Whether your deck is made of Redwood, Cedar, Ipe or other exotic material, we implement the perfect application process to deliver the very best results.

Thermally Modified Wood Decking, composite decking, etc., are available in many colors and usually don’t require any deck coatings initially. But in time, they can also be affected by prolong exposure to the elements.

When the time comes for restoration, these types of decks require a different process. Because of density, they will not accept most standard deck coatings.

We’ve researched the latest technologies and have solutions for most modified deck coatings. Please note: Certain types of modified decking cannot be treated.

Don’t just call deck painters. Call True Colors!