Get Started with the Color Consultation Interior Design Professionals Recommend!

As a house paint color consultant, my first priority is to understand how you want your home or office to feel.

You probably have an idea about that, but you may not know how to achieve that feeling through color.

That’s where my offer for a professional color consultation comes in.

With a lifetime of interest and experience in working with color, I have learned the importance of professional color consultation interior design success depends on. This consultation helps you integrate your personal tastes with your home’s architectural style—both inside and out. The result is the feeling your color choices create—which reflect the uniqueness of you and the environment you want to create.

Why Hire a House Paint Color Consultant?

You may need a paint color consultation if:

  • You feel stuck about which colors are right for you but your painter can’t begin work until you choose them.
  • You’re worried you might choose colors you’ll regret when you see the finished job.
  • The color samples don’t look the same at home as they did in the store.
  • The sheer variety of colors and combinations feels intimidating and overwhelming.
  • You’re concerned you might make an expensive painting mistake.

Quality painting is an expensive home investment. You want to get it right the first time. Even more than that, colors have a HUGE impact on your environment. You will live with these colors for many hours every day.

If you are like most homeowners, you haven’t studied the complex art and science behind paint colors. It’s a specialty that goes way beyond simply “choosing nice colors.” It takes training and experience.

About Our Paint Color Consultation Service

As an artist, and as a professional in the field of color and design with decades of experience, Bill Pugh offers clients a personalized professional color consultation.

He will help you choose the perfect color palette for a single room, your whole house, or your offices. The service is complimentary when included as part of your painting project.

This valuable service ensures that your new painting project achieves the look and feel that reflect your unique taste and style.

Using the natural light in your own home or office, Bill will help you attain your vision of color and style. He takes into account your preferences, your architectural features, your furnishings and artwork that you may wish to enhance or minimize.

Working collaboratively, we fulfill your vision using color—placed and balanced in just the right areas.

What Our On-Site Consultation Includes

It begins with Bill, a 20+ year paint color expert, making an on-site visit to your home or office. You’ll review the site together, review your goals for the project and discuss your preferences. Bill will review possible colors with you and take notes.

When the “perfect” colors are established, we order sample boards (additional cost). Then we’ll schedule a second meeting to illustrate and view the selections. You will receive Bill’s uninterrupted attention and a written paint schedule for each area you would like to consider.

  • 40-minute no-nonsense color consultation for $160. This fee is waived and included in the cost of a painting project, if applicable. Additional time is billed at $160 per hour. Sample boards are an additional cost of $20.00 each.
  • Free unlimited text support during your entire painting and decorating project.
  • Detailed design and color plan for your project beyond the colors on the walls.
  • Complimentary painting quote.

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Get a Professional Color Consultation

Let an experienced professional colorist help you choose the perfect color palette for a single room, your whole house, or your office.